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Getting To & Around Anguilla

What documents are required for entry into Anguilla?

NOTE: Anguilla has new Covid-19 Safety protocols in place that include additional requirements for entry. Visitors must apply for entry on the government’s portal at Information below is subject to change without notice.


All persons traveling to and from Anguilla must clear Customs and Immigration at either Blowing Point Ferry Terminal or at Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport.  If you are arriving by private boat, you must contact and clear Customs and Immigration at Sandy Ground.

For more information contact our concierge or the Anguilla Department of Customs.


A passport valid at least six months beyond your arrival date, as well as return or onward tickets are required for all visitors to Anguilla. Be sure to bring your passport with you on any day trips to neighboring islands.

Green Cards

Green card holders must have a valid green card and a valid passport from their country of origin.  In some cases, visas are still required for entry into Anguilla. Please see the list of countries from which visas are required below.


For the latest information on Nationals requiring visas or Direct Airside Transit Visas to enter Anguilla please click here

Visa Applications

Visit a British consulate for visa applications. Find a British Consulate near you.

Immigration Policy

Please see changes to the immigration policy effective June 1st, 2017. Click here for more information.

How do I get to Anguilla by sea?

NOTE: Due to recent COVID-19 Safety Protocols, the public ferry from Marigot is temporarily not available to travel to Anguilla.

You can travel to and from St. Martin and Anguilla by public ferry, private ferry or by chartering a boat. Pricing and convenience will depend on time of day and number of people in your party.  Our concierge can recommend vendors and make reservations for you based on your party’s needs.

Note: times, pricing and information below is subject to change without notice.  Please contact our concierge for the most current information.

Public Ferry – Temporarily Not Available to Travel to Anguilla

The reliable public ferry runs daily between Marigot Port on St. Martin (the French side) and Anguilla’s Blowing Point Ferry Terminal every 45 minutes. The one-way trip takes approximately 25 minutes. Your name must be on the ferry manifest at least 15 minutes before the ferry departs, but advance reservations are not required.

Ferry Departure Tax and Immigration
Departure tax applies to all tourists 12 years and older departing Anguilla through the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal.

Day Trippers/Residents of Anguilla & St. Martin/St. Maarten

ASMFT surcharge: US $5 or EC $13 and Security Fee of US$3 or EC$8 per person
Each person regardless of age is subjected to the security fee of US$3 or EC$8 per person

Departing Tourists (13 years and older)
Departure Tax US$20 or EC$53.60 and Security Fee of US$3 or EC$8 per person

Children 2 – 12 years
Departure Tax US$10 and Security Fee of US$3 or EC$8 per child

Children under 2 years
Departure Tax: Free and Security Fee of US$3 0r EC$8 per child

Departure Tax from St. Maarten is US$5.

Private Ferry from Dutch St. Maarten
An alternate, some ferries travel between the airport on the Dutch side of St. Maarten to Blowing Point Ferry Terminal on Anguilla via a convenient dock.  Most companies will meet you at the airport and escort you to the pier.

Fares start at $65  one way/$130 (pricing subject to change) round trip per adult with discounted rates for children. All prices in USD. These often offer more flexible schedules and later crossings. One drawback to this option, is you may find yourself waiting for other booked guests’ planes to arrive.

Private Boat Charter

Similar to private ferries, chartering an entire boat offers more flexible scheduling and can be more economical for groups. Reserving the entire boat will cost about $400 to $650 or more one-way, which is comparable to reserving a private plane for a similar number of people through Air Anguilla, if you prefer to arrive by air.

Your Own Boat or Yacht

All boats cruising in Anguilla waters need to have an Anguilla Marine Agent for cruising, customs and immigration assistance.

The Customs & Immigration entry port for private boats landing in Anguilla is located at Sandy Ground, and is open from 8:30 am — Noon, and 1 pm to 4 pm.

For communications with the Sandy Ground Customs & Immigration port, boats need to tune into VHF channel 16.

Marine Agents:

Gabi Gumbs: 1 (264) 584-3826
Leslie Lloyd:  1 (264) 497-5683


Are private planes, boats and yachts welcome on Anguilla?

Note: due to Covid-19 safety requirements private boats may not travel to Anguilla at this time.

Private planes may land Anguilla’s Clayton J. Lloyd airport (AXA), but there are size restrictions.

If you are arriving by private boat or yacht, you must contact and clear Anguilla Customs and Immigration at Sandy Ground.

Our concierge can assist you with making arrangements and confirm all requirements.

May I bring my pet or service animal to Anguilla?

Please contact us for our villa pet policy. Visit the Anguilla Agricultural Department for information on importation.

Do I need to rent a car on Anguilla? Is there public transportation, taxis or car services?

Note: Due to Covid-19 safety protocols, rental cars may only be used after visitors receive confirmation of a negative arrival test result. Contact our concierge to arrange approved transportation from your port of entry.

There aren’t any buses, trains or other on-island public transportation on Anguilla.  Most residents bike, walk or own cars.

For your convenience, we can arrange luxury car or van service to collect you from the airport or ferry and drive you in comfort to Santosha and chauffeur you to beaches, restaurants and sites throughout your stay. For weddings and corporate events, group transportation options are available.

If you prefer to drive yourselves, we can arrange a rental car, jeep or SUV for you, which you can pick up at the ferry terminal or airport.

Anguilla taxis are best for short trips as fares can be expensive and extra charges for after 6 pm, additional people and baggage can add up. Taxis are required to be registered and the rates are set so you can confirm your fare in advance with the dispatcher.

What are the legal requirements for driving on Anguilla?

Anguilla has one main road that connects one end of the island to the other, with many smaller roads feeding into it. It takes about 30 minutes to drive its length. Driving is on the left-hand side of the road and the speed limit is 30 mph. To drive, you must be 18 years old, show a valid driver’s license from your resident country and obtain an Anguilla driver’s license. One can be procured for $20 US from your rental car company. Our concierge is happy to assist you with car rentals. You’ll quickly notice that most businesses and accommodations don’t have detailed street addresses, often just listing their location as “The Valley” or referring to the bay or road on which they are located

Anguilla Weddings

What are the legal requirements to get married on Anguilla, and how many days in advance do we need to be on island?

Local law requires a man and woman seeking to be married on Anguilla to be legally-married at the court house or in one of the island’s Protestant or Catholic churches after being on island for at least 48 hours and fulfilling license application requirements with the magistrate. Your wedding concierge will help facilitate this typically easy process and it can then be followed by a ceremonial service anywhere you wish.  As an alternative, couples of all types and religions may choose to marry prior to arriving on Anguilla and/or hold their commitment service, ceremonial wedding or vow renewal at the estate or on the beach.

What documents do we need to present to get married on Anguilla?

Both parties will need a valid passport or original birth certificate along with drivers licence or some other form of identification.

If divorced you must present original divorce documents (Decree Absolute) bearing a Seal of the Court of divorce. The government also accepts copies of the divorce documents but they must be Certified True copies and signed by a Registrar or Clerk of the Court of divorce.  You must also present a death certificate if one of the spouses from the previous marriage is deceased.

If parties are under the age of 18, consent must be presented

Information is subject to change without notice.  Please visit the Anguilla Government website for more details

Can we hold a same-sex commitment ceremony on Anguilla?

Anguilla law does not legally-recognize same-sex marriages, but same-sex commitment ceremonies are welcome at Santosha Villa Estate.

Anguilla Resources

Is there Internet and cell phone service on Anguilla?

WIFI is available throughout our estate. The villas also have a land line phone for local calls and we can arrange local cell phones for your use while on the island or recommend services through your carrier. Most everyone carries a cell phone and the most common area code is 264. What’s App by Facebook is a very popular way to communicate on island.

Where can I receive medical services or fill prescriptions on Anguilla?

Our concierge can offer recommendations and assist with any arrangements. Princess Alexandria Hospital in The Valley offers routine medical and surgical care (including dialysis), as well as a 24-hour emergency room. Phone: 264-497-2551. There are also several medical clinics around the island.

For major medical emergencies please call 911. Patients can be evacuated via air ambulance to St. Maarten, Puerto Rico or Miami, Florida.

How do I reach local government, police or fire services?

Our concierge will assist you with any questions or in the case of a emergency. You can also contact them directly as follows:

  • Police/Fire/Ambulance/Emergency: 911
  • Police Headquarters (Non Emergency): 264-497-2333
  • Department of Immigration: 264-497-3444
  • Department of Customs: 264-497-2513
  • General Post Office: 264-497-2528


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